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Not just about cost, but on flexibility

Yes, MPLS is an expensive technology and a 30 billion market. But the main problem is not the cost of MPLS alone. It is the lack of flexibility. MPLS based Enterprise WAN architectures are usually built with a centralistic approach, when applications were hosted primarily in the headquarter. This was the common standard at the time when MPLS was introduced in the late 90. The unstopping increase ...
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Five reasons why CIO’s should consider WAN Virtualisation on the agenda now

The potentials of WAN Virtualisation, or Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) are defined by the ability to decentralise network functions from main locations to branches. This need is triggered by the demands of Business Digitalisation, Industry 4.0 and Workforce Empowerment, when people, data and processes are becoming independent from geographical locations.  The remaining question for many CIO's is: ...
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Gartner about SD-WAN

I hate my WAN…SD-WAN to the rescue by Andrew Lerner, Research Director Gartner I’ve yet to run across a Gartner client that loves their WAN. It’s crazy if you think about it: The time to get additional WAN bandwidth is typically measured in weeks/ months. WAN costs are measured in hundreds of (US) dollars p/month p/mbps (for MPLS). Further, as apps move to the public Internet with i...
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