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Learn how SmartConnect works for Retail & Distribution

Retail & Distribution


Retail customers are identified by a large numbers of globally placed, small and medium shops. A reliable and secure network connectivity is a requirement in order to provide data services to central retail applications and warehousing systems. Local internet access is necessary to provide local guest WiFi to customers.


Within the retail business often a large number of geographically distributed shops are in place. Therefore a limited number of IT personell has to administrate a large number of installations  – off-shore and often in different time zones. Additionally, deadlines between new acquired locations and opening a shop must be as short as possible.

Why SmartConnect

SmartConnect is specially designed for quick deployment on any location around the world. Our services includes  7x24h monitoring and intervention service on the SmartConnect components and your local ISP as well. This significantly relives IT resources of our customers. The additional advantage is the anytime overview provided by the SmartConnect Control Center. Additionally SmartConnect provides a centrally managed WiFi for Corporate- and Guest WiFi on any location. This simplifies local connectivity and raise customer experience within the shops.

In fact, often the greatest challange for IT departments within the retail industrie is the handling and coordination of different kind of hardware, dealing with local Internet Service Providers and the logistic itself. SmartConnect provides a full managed solution to allow customers to concetrate on their business.