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Not just about cost, but on flexibility

Yes, MPLS is an expensive technology and a 30 billion market. But the main problem is not the cost of MPLS alone. It is the lack of flexibility. MPLS based Enterprise WAN architectures are usually built with a centralistic approach, when applications were hosted primarily in the headquarter. This was the common standard at the time when MPLS was introduced in the late 90.

The unstopping increase of network traffic by mobile devices, multi media applications and cloud services simply needs new concepts. Routing all traffic to an headquarter and backward becomes a dead end in form of poor performance and overloaded networks.

Another problem with flexibility results in longterm contracts. While business requirements changes in short terms, provider dependent solutions, such as MPLS and leased lines are long term and slow in adapting technology changes. This results in inflexibility and unnecessary costs to Enterprise WAN Architectures.

Thats why many companies are looking out for alternative solutions. WAN Virtualisation lights a path to turn Enterprise Architectures from a legacy role into an valuable asset. Providing not only lower costs, but competitive advantages for the entire business.

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