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Cisco iWAN Technology

Cisco Intelligent WAN or iWAN was first introduced by Cisco in 2012. In fact, iWAN is not a new technology itself, it more likely integrates a set of existing technologies into a set of industry standard routers in order to enable automation and reduce complexity. This makes Cisco to one of the earliest adapters of an Enterprise Level use of Internet as WAN with a proven track record.

iWAN is defined by a set of the following key technologies:

Transport-Independent Design

You deserve the freedom to choose the combination of providers that works best for your budget and connectivity needs. With Intelligent WAN you can connect your branches with the same design over different transport options. This deployment consistency simplifies both the deployment and the ongoing support of the WAN.

Intelligent Path Control

Make sure critical applications perform well for your employees, customers, and guests. Intelligent path control automatically directs application traffic to the best path given the delay, loss, jitter, and application priorities that you set. And with advanced load balancing, you make the best use of your bandwidth.

Application Optimization

Three steps to faster apps: First, get visibility into which applications are eating up bandwidth with Cisco Application Visibility and Control. With better visibility you can make better decisions about application policy and future capacity. Second, add WAN optimization to help applications run faster and use less bandwidth. Third, bring content closer to where it needs to be with caching technology from Akamai.

Secure Connectivity

Great app performance and smart bandwidth usage don’t mean a thing if the network is vulnerable to attacks. We defend your business with a highly secure VPN overlay and the industry’s strongest encryption. Our hardening techniques have proved their worth over many years of real-world deployments.

And as you offload traffic with direct Internet access to free up bandwidth, we help provide the same level of security with the central control that your security policies require.