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SmartConnect Worldwide Carrier Network WCN

The SmartConnect Worldwide Carrier Network or WCN is one of the SmartConnect core components. The WCN is a global distributed backbone network including global distributed access points. This access points

Application Acceleration Network

Using the Internet as WAN is a very scalable and cost-efficient method to connect global branches. As long the Internet relays on good peering conditions, this works fine. In some regions the peering may vary and affect the quality of service. Depending on the application, users may experience decreasing performance. As example, Mail Traffic and usual Web Applications are much less sensitive than a VoIP- or Video Conferencing Session.

The SCN allows to mitigate this problem by sending the traffic of certain applications through the nearest available Access Node of the SmartConnect Carrier Network and routes it on the shortest path to the company Headquarter.

Cloud Interconnect

The Access Nodes provides direct access to Cloud Interconnect of various Cloud Providers, such as Microsoft Azure, Google, Amazon and other. Since many companies are using Infrastructure Service from cloud, they need a direct access to this services from different locations. With the Carrier Network, SmartConnect offers a simple and cost-efficient integration of Cloud Interconnect Services to their Enterprise WAN.

Global Mobile- and Satellite Gateway

SmartConnect uses the option of cellular- and satellite uplinks to provide main internet or fail-over to branches. The Access Nodes allows to off-load the traffic locally in order to provide maximum performance