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Learn how SmartConnect interconnects MPLS

MPLS Interconnect


Sharing data and granting access to Business Applications between various units in a very short time are often critical success factors during M & A operations. This tasks can not wait until an examination and a re-design of the existing network has been completed. A quick established, reliable and secure interconnect between complete autonomous networks is required instead.


Connecting two independent networks together can result in various problems, such as:

  • delays by coordinating multiple service providers and different contracts
  • overlapping IP ranges
  • overcrossing management domains

Why SmartConnect

SmartConnect is provider independent and able to handle multiple connections and dynmaic routing. This means, any SmartConnect location can communicate with any other SmartConnect location on various channels. This allows to integrate not just single locations, but also complete networks. By using the Hybrid Cloud capabilities, SmartConnect is able to build a encrypted bridge between two or more independent MPLS networks without the need of changing any architecture or address spaces on the involved networks. The interconnect still allows to control the traffic between each site, so management domains and security keeps conserved. With connecting only two locations together, any part ot the network can communicate with the other just on a fingertip.